Writing Character Emotions Thesaurus Gift for Writers

Books-for-WritersWriting Character Emotions Thesaurus Gift for WritersHere is a best-selling writing character emotions thesaurus gift for writers.

Finding new ways to describe a character’s emotions and expressions can be a difficult task for writers. By specifically focusing on 75 emotions such as impatience, regret or shock, this 172-page thesaurus explores in detail the physical signals, internal sensations, mental responses, acute or long-term body language cues and suppressed body language cues of each. It also explains how to avoid problems like clichéd emotions and melodrama.

This thesaurus is an excellent tool for writers on how to write emotions so the reader will have empathy for the character and feel exactly what the character is going through by using the all-important writer’s rule of showing and not telling. It will serve well as a reference to keep handy for many years to come.