Taupe Bookrest Pillow for Readers and Writers

Bookrest PillowTaupe Bookrest Pillow for Readers and WritersI love reading in bed but after a while it starts to get uncomfortable holding a book and if I’m reading from my iPad it starts to get really heavy. So I was happy to find a great solution – a bookrest pillow.

Made of micro-fiber fabric that is easy to clean, this pillow measure 13 x 13 and about 6 in height. It has a tassel that you use as a bookmark as well as a pouch where you can conveniently store your pens and pencils and other small items. Please note it is not suitable for very big or very heavy books.

Whether in bed, in a chair or sitting on the floor, just place your book on this pillow that is set at the perfect angle for hands-free reading. Now you can read in bed for as long as you want enjoying your books or ebooks on an iPad or Kindle or other tablet of your choice. If you are a writer, you can plug away at your novel until the wee hours of the next morning.