Motivational Book to Get Writers Writing

Motivational Book for WritersMotivational Book to Get Writers WritingOne of the biggest obstacle a writer or an aspiring writer faces to even getting started writing is self-doubt. In her highly acclaimed book Bird by Bird, Anne Lamott offers excellent motivational gems on practical ways to get a writer out of this self-defeating attitude (and she does it with great humor).

The title of the book is based on the simple but effective advice her father gave to her then 10-year-old brother who was having a difficult time with a school assignment writing about birds. Her father’s wise words were, “Just take it bird by bird.”

For all those writers facing doubts about their writing ability, this book will help to get you back to writing and working through your worst writer’s block and even terrible first drafts. In this 272-page book, Anne shares her personal anecdotes and provides incredible information valuable to all writers.