Funny Women’s T-Shirt Gift for Writers

Funny-Key-Chains-for-WritersFunny Women’s T-Shirt Gift for Writers
Here is a funny “Don’t Annoy the Writer” women’s t-shirt gift for writers.

It is made of 100% cotton, is pre shrunk and has a little scoop neckline. It comes in a wide choice of 14 colors ranging from pastel to bolder shades. It is available in 5 sizes – small, medium, large, Xlarge and XXlarge. You can access the handy size chart to help determine the right size to order. The featured funny quote in its entirety is “Please Do Not Annoy the Writer. They May Put You in a Book and Kill You.”

It is a fun fact that writers sometimes can get their sweet revenge on annoying people in their real world by killing them off in their made-up literary world. I am guilty of that myself in my recent book-in-progress and I can tell you it is incredibly delicious fun. I’m sure many writers would agree with me and would love to receive this t-shirt as a gift.