Bookopoly Property Trading Board Game for Book Lovers

Bookopoly Board GameBookopoly Property Trading Board Game for Everyone Who Loves BooksAre you a writer, avid reader or general all-around book lover who loves playing Monopoly? Then Bookopoly is perfect board game for you or to give as a gift for your like-minded friends and family as this is a book-themed version of the very popular Monopoly.

The number of players who can participate is 2 to 6. It is for ages 8 and up and the board measures 19 x 19 inches. The game features really fun book-themed versions such as a Moby Dick whale token, genres instead of railroads, bookstores and libraries as properties and my personal favorite the ‘Go to Jail’ card becomes Watching TV…lol.

This game offers hours of entertainment for anyone and everyone who loves books and can be a great learning experience at the same time.